Permanent exhibitions


Here you experience the consequences of industrialization. Felix, Aline and Monica come from a large family. They guide you through the exhibition and talk about the turbulent changes which took place in this period. Think of the introduction of paid holiday, the advent of leisure and increased consumption. Take a look inside their house, go with them to the doctor’s and follow them at work. Film clips and listening stations bring history back to life.

Cotton noise

Ghent was once the noisiest of the Flemish textile towns. The MIAT traces the production process from cotton plant to finished cotton product.  The machines make a terrible racket! Discover, too, the many characteristics of plants for fibres, including flax, cotton, silk and mohair. As well as natural raw materials, there are also high-tech textiles, which provide firemen, surgeons, polar explorers and the like with the protective clothing they need.

Demonstrations of the textile machines are given at the following times:  

Mondays 10 -15.30 hrs
Tuesdays 10 -15.30 hrs
Thursdays 10 -15.30 hrs
Fridays 10 -15.30 hrs
Saturdays 14 - 16.00 hrs
Sundays 10 – 13.00 hrs

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