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Permanent exhibitions

Exhibition Our industrial past

Turn the clock back 250 years! You are now in the eighteenth century and about to enter the period of the first industrial revolution with the advent of the machine. Afterwards you experience the consequences of industrialization.


Working on the textile machines

The overview of the industrial society provided by the MIAT occupies an area of 1,800 m². Volunteers set the textile machines in motion. The spectacle is impressive but the noise deafening!

Museum collection

de dog Nipper

Today the MIAT implements an active collecting policy and the collection contains over 30,000 objects. Pièces de résistance include the Mule Jenny and the twiner dating from 1789. The MIAT’s most important sub-collections are those relating to textiles and printing.


EXPO | Made by children. Child Labour Then and Now.

Campagnebeeld (c) Emilie Vercruysse
Sun, 20/11/2016 - Sun, 07/01/2018

Children are supposed to play and go to school. Only adults are expected to work and earn money. End of discussion. Or not?    

Guided tour | WorldWideWorking. From local to global

Guided tour WorldWideWorking

Here you experience the consequences of industrialization. You discover the turbulent changes which took place in this period. Think of the introduction of paid holiday, the advent of leisure and increased consumption.

MIAT package Inside and Outside

MIAT Inside and Outside

This package allows you to select the guided tour of your choice combined with the ‘Round the Minnemeers’ walk and a sandwich lunch in the museum café.

Around the MIAT walk: from factory to workers’ houses

Workers' houses in Ghent

Ghent was a very busy textile city as you can see from the streets around the MIAT. On this walk you learn all about industrialization in the city’s nineteenth-century belt.