Museum library

MIAT library

An impressive museum library

The museum library documents the museum collection, but is goes further than that. For example, you can put questions to the library about industrial heritage in general. If you are looking for information about the industrial society, about abandoned or demolished factory buildings or about a little-known commercial sector, then this is the right address!

Herewith a few of the subjects covered in the MIAT library: industrial revolutions, company histories, the history of technology, (industrial) production techniques, industrial architecture, social history, living and working conditions, historical child labour, the history of consumption and the history of graphic techniques.

As Ghent was an important textile city, the library also collects publications about the textile industry, the history of textiles and textile techniques.   

What makes the MIAT library unique is its collection of books and other print media and data carriers illustrating and documenting our industrial heritage. It contains reference works about the most diverse branches of industry and business and production processes. If we are unable to help you sufficiently, we have the expertise to refer you to a more specialized institution. You may also like to check out the weblinks providing information about important Belgian museums and centres of expertise.  

Library catalogue

CAGEWEB is the online catalogue of Ghent’s scientific libraries. It lists no fewer than 12,916 works from the MIAT library.  

Visit the library

The library is open to the general public on Tuesdays from 10.30 to 13.00 hrs and on Thursdays from 13.00 to 16.00 hrs, with the exception of July and August when visits are by appointment only. To visit the library at a different time, you can make an appointment by emailing or phoning 09 269 42 15.


·     books and other documents can be consulted in the library but cannot be lent
·     photocopies can be made
·     a scanner is available. Bring a USB memory stick with you.