Made in MIAT

Our museum shop is a veritable treasure trove of novelties! Everything is handmade, in limited editions, so you are guaranteed to go home with a unique product! 

Printing ink and black fingers

The MIAT houses a magnificent historical printing works. And today’s creatives have the opportunity to use them to produce different prints. So in the museum shop you’ll find hand-crafted paper and printed matter such as postcards you won’t find anywhere else!    

A passion for textiles

The MIAT is housed in an old cotton-spinning mill. Though the former textile workers have long gone, the textile machines are still productive. The museum shop sells fabrics woven on our own machines and wool dyed with plants from our dye garden. The tea towels are made on the old machines and lovingly finished by our in-house seamstress.  


The shop stocks a good selection of books and magazines about industry, labour and textiles.