The MIAT acts as an engine for the smaller museums and industrial collections. The museum set up a focus group for two specific collection areas within the collection, namely textiles and printing. The MIAT also takes part in consultation platforms and welcomes the opportunity to work with different partners on activities aimed at the public. 

Focus groups

The MIAT actively supports and coordinates the textile and printing focus groups. Its members - museums, private collectors and educational institutions - meet regularly. In this way the museum builds strong, structural forms of cooperation relating to tangible and intangible industrial heritage. This cooperation can take many different forms, ranging from joint events and promotions to the exchange of knowledge and expertise and collections consultation.

Consultation platforms

As well as these focus groups, the MIAT participates in various consultation platforms relating to industrial heritage, both in Flanders and internationally. In response to projects and scientific research, the museum works with international partners and plays an active role in (inter)national congresses and study days.   


The MIAT sets store by external relations and actively looks for partners in this area, thus building and strengthening ties with community projects in districts around Ghent, with the Ghent Film Festival, with socio-cultural organizations and with education.