In recent years the MIAT has amassed a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience. This can be broken down according to the museum’s four basic functions and its management function.

If you would like to know more about our expertise in a specific field, send an email with your question to We will ensure that your question reaches the right person who will be pleased to give you any further help. 


Collection-related expertise, drawing up collection plans (incl. disposing of and finding new uses for collections), consultation about (inter)national collections, collecting modern-day items, dividing items into sub-collections, copyrights and digital collecting.

Conservation and management

Conservation and management practices in a museum, industrial tangible heritage in the public space, conservation, management and protection of large objects and machines in a museum setting, use of Spectrum and Adlib, storeroom operations, digitization and digital heritage, norms, dealing with hazardous materials in collections, film technology expertise, working with machines.

Scientific research

History of textiles, history of printing, workers’ living and working conditions and child labour, entrepreneurs and industrialists, a scientific museum library in operation, Cageweb in operation, museum journals as a publication platform for research, oral history. 

External relations

Targeted activities: schools, children of all ages/young people and ethnic-cultural minorities, heritage education, off- and online communication (CMS, Drupal, Mailchimp, Anysurfer), heritage events, project communication.


Volunteering policy, privatization of museums, process-oriented approach, project-based approach, networks, knowledge management, safeguarding heritage.