In 1980 the MIAT started publishing not only the museum journal TIC, but also an annual bibliography. The latter was a collection of recent publications about industry, labour and textiles in Belgium. Some twenty years later this bibliography also went online. In recent years this activity was reviewed in the light of a growing awareness that a comprehensive listing of new titles would necessitate working in partnership with others. At that point the MIAT joined forces with ETWIE.

ETWIE has just developed a data bank and incorporated the existing bibliography into it. In the future we will work together to keep this data bank up-to-date. The data bank also contains players such as museums, collections, trades people,experts, researchers and organizations. It includes themes, such as woodwork and steam too. You can explore them yourself by means of the list of themes. Choose a municipality in the search window to find out what it has to offer in terms of scientific, technical and industrial heritage.   

But you, too, can help!

If you can offer additional information or if you would like to react to information you have found in thedata bank, there is the opportunity to do this at the bottom of each page. Alternatively, please email your suggestions, remarks and additions to

You can look for information in the library here, or if you would like to search for information in the data bank, click here.