Guided tour | Cotton Unravelled. From cotton plant to finished product

Guided tour | Cotton unravelled

Ghent was once the noisiest of the Flemish textile towns. The MIAT traces the production process from cotton plant to finished cotton product.  The machines make a terrible racket!

Discover, too, the many characteristics of plants for fibres, including flax, cotton, silk and mohair. As well as natural raw materials, there are also high-tech textiles, which provide firemen, surgeons, polar explorers and the like with the protective clothing they need.

Demonstrations of the textile machines are given at the following times:   
Tuesdays 10 -15.30 hrs
Wednesdays 10 -12.00 hrs
Thursdays 10 -15.30 hrs
Fridays 10 -15.30 hrs
Saturdays 14 - 16.00 hrs
Sundays 10 – 13.00 hrs

Guided tours must be booked in advance.
School groups pay €70, non-school groups €80