Nadia and Christine working in the textile workshop

An invaluable team of volunteers

The MIAT is proud of its many enthusiastic volunteers.  

They demonstrate the textile and printing machines. They spin and weave. They make wonderful prints. They cut the monthly film. They supervise children’s workshops, help inventorize the museum collection, and so on and so forth.  

The MIAT has a very active printers working group which gives weekly demonstrations on the historical printing machines. It is a successful mix of young and old. In recent years they have restored all the machines so that today all the printing presses on display in the museum are in working order! We are regularly asked to get involved in projects, which we are glad to do! 

As well as the printers working group there is also a textile group. These volunteers demonstrate the various textile machines or help with small sewing projects.   

New volunteers are always welcome! 

Do you have a particular interest in printing and maybe some experience? Or are you more interested in textiles and the machines? Do you have restoration experience or would you like to help inventorize objects? Or perhaps you simply like being with other people and the idea of working in the museum café appeals to you?

We are always glad of new volunteers. Everyone is welcome at the MIAT. Email the External Relations department publiekswerking.miat@gent.be and we will examine the possibilities with you.